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Our Blueprint to Property Success program helps you BUILD WEALTH. Up to 10 properties in 5+ years

Boutique company established in 1996 offering personalised service for building sustainable property portfolios

Let us research, investigate, negotiate and shortlist the best properties to suit your wealth creation goals

Theoretically, buying an investment property is easy. Just look up Domain or, find something that looks suitable and buy it.

And if you believe that, you probably still believe in Santa Claus.

The reality is we live in challenging investment times. Different States (and even cities/towns) have different economies. Some booming,
others that boomed and are almost dead.

As Queensland’s oldest and leading Property Buyer’s Agency, we have only one goal. To help you create wealth through investing in the right properties.

With over 45 combined years’ of property experience and personally buying over an thousand properties, we know what it takes to build up a profitable property portfolio. One that grows and pays you dividends through any economic cycle.

Specialise in identifying Mortgagee & Repossessions, Receiver Sales, Deceased Estates and Liquidations Sales. If you want help buying one right and under market value then call us now!

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